Cats of multi-colour coats - Calico Cats

The cats with coats of multi-colours are said to carry with them good luck. Many cultures believe that calico cats are very lucky. Naming a calico cat is a very challenging job as it enhances the luck it is bringing. In early years like 1972, the colors of cats were used to be linked with different personalities and patters. The different types of personalities linked with kitty colors were placid tabbies, white mousers and temperamental torties. The color of cat reveals bit about its personality.

The lively and loving cats are the Calicos. They have high pitched meow. Some of these can be independent, strong willed. Some can be stubborn and too mischievous. Some entertain their masters with their acrobats they use in chasing mouse. Calicos are generally known to be combative. They are not very friendly with fellow cats. One having a Calico cat as a pet has to think a number of times before bringing in house another cat. These cats are independent and would never love to be called forcefully to their masters. They always love to move around on their own terms. They do not love to be left alone or stay lonely. They love to be in a cozy room where they can hide them and feel safe and do not prefer to be caged. They need space to roam around freely and hide them in a safe place when needed.

Some Calico cats have high temperaments and fussy attitudes. In the cat world, calicos are termed as the red-heads. They are shy initially, but once they find their masters love them, they are harmless and the best and beautiful vocal animal that we can wish to be owner of. They own personality that is as amazing as they are very playful and friendly. Another amazing feature about them is an eye contact, some calico's look straight in the eyes of the speaker. Generally eye contact is a big challenge for animals.

Age of these Calico cats cannot be judged. They possess their own class. Like we human beings these cats own a personality of their own. They love to be treated as new born babies when bought for the first time in a home. As our babies take time to adjust to their new surroundings these cats also after getting accustomed to the new environment they find themselves safe. They look forward for the comfort level wherever they are. We need to be patient with them as we are with our new born babies and should enjoy the process they follow to discover their new place. Sometimes they take almost a year to feel warm at new place. Once they feel themselves comfortable, they always insist on seeking attention though they love to be independent. Once the trusting bond is established they are the most lovable ones and give all the affection that we desire. They definitely are slow in warming up, but once done they are truly rewarding.

Calico cat personality