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Some frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to apply for Achieve Prepaid card?
One need to have
1) social security number (SSN),
2) a valid address,
3) age minimum of 18 years
For more details one can check the fine prints of the card.

If one is facing problem with the Achieve Prepaid Debit Card what should be done?
If you have any sort of complaints, doubts you can call the customer care number (866) 488-2724 the customer care representatives will do best to resolve your complaint, or you can also log on to their website that is .

Is there any specific amount mentioned to how much amount can be withdrawn?
Yes, there is limit one can withdraw. For more details read the terms and conditions of the card properly or can call the customer care on (866) 488-2724 or can visit their website that is

Where can I use this Achieve Prepaid Debit Card?
One can use this card at millions of locations where Master card acceptance is displayed.

How can money be loaded in Achieve Prepaid Card?
To know about the details one should read the fine prints properly or can call the customer care number that is (866) 488-2724 or visit web site that is

Can online purchases be done with Achieve Prepaid card?
Yes, one can shop online and via phone with Achieve card.

What is the procedure to cancel the Achieve Credit Card?
For cancellation of the card one should read the terms and conditions of the card carefully or for more details call customer care (866) 488-2724.

How Achieve card works; I have seen some reviews on website that says Achieve credit card is fraud?
You should read the fine print when you apply to any credit card offer.

What are the benefits of Achieve card?
The benefits of green dot card are it provides free direct deposit, no credit check is required, no bank account required, it is globally accepted, guaranteed approval, online accessible, no interest is charged, one can shop online.

Is it possible to spend more money than I have in my account?
No, it is not possible. One's card would be accepted only if you have enough balance in your card to cover the amount of things purchased

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