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In South Dakota, the Black Hill region is famous for its caves and caverns. The caves of the Black Hills were created when the underground water dissolved layers of limestone which took the shape of huge passageways, spacious cave rooms, and networks of narrow tunnels. South Dakota is the perfect vacation destination as it is filled with numerous attraction spots.

There are numerous caves in the Black Hills of South Dakota which are open for tourist and one such Cave is Bethlehem Cave.

Bethlehem Cave is considered as the oldest tourist cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota, having received its first visitors in 1890. For many years it was a part of a monastery and because of which it was closed for visitors but however it is recently reopened for tourist. Today the Bethlehem cave is a part of 180 acre retreat and includes rustic accommodation services.

Bethlehem Cave has plentiful speleothems. In 1893 at Columbian Exposition in Chicago an artificial cave was built by the owners of the cave Keith and Allabaugh. The small cave which was built under the floor of the Horticultural Building filled a room of 18 to 25 meters.

Originally the Bethlehem Cave include 300,000 lbs. ... of stalactites, stalagmites, onyx, geodic crystals, dogtooth spar, and sparkling botryoidally masses; of cave pearls, flos Ferri, aragonite and drip-stone stained by oxidation in as many colours as the rainbow

The owners of the cave Keith and Allabaugh used to sell the crystal specimens in fairs and exhibitions until 1910.

One should take the help of an experienced cave guides to guide you on your journey, when planning to travel to Bethlehem Caves.

List of some of the hotels nearby Bethlehem Caves are:

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Planning to South Dakota travel one cannot miss to visit Bethlehem Cave , as it is one of the most beautiful caves, one can find more details about the tours by visiting there site that is, or by calling them at phone 605-787-7500

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